Education has gone through many changes throughout the years and will continue to do so. Many programs and incentives come and go, while others stay, for example student and classroom interventions, enrichment, behavioral, social, and emotional programs that work well, however we need to address the child as a whole. Mindfulness and awareness might be an alternative. In addition, another current and worrisome concept in education includes teacher evaluation (The Danielson model) and the PERA law (Performance Evaluation Reform Act) especially in regards to the state of Illinois. I have personal research, experience, and examples of how mindfulness and awareness concepts could work in many classrooms and schools regarding the above. Some other issues I will try to address will also include: student motivation, self esteem, bullying, parenting, educating exceptional children, general focus/concentration, focus disorders, behavior, retaining information, staff/teacher morale, staff reflection, and how teachers can use mindfulness in their classrooms to encourage responding verses reacting. Lastly, I will try to give support in helping deal with students, parents, and staff, who might question the use of these technic and philosophy.

Personal mission: I want to communicate to everyone what their self worth and potential is so clearly that they come to see it in themselves by guiding and encouraging an individual and group paradigm shift using meditation and awareness of thoughts. This awareness includes putting their attention on their thoughts and intention toward lifelong learning and happiness. I enjoy empowering all people to learn, experience life, and reach their full potential by using mindfulness and self-reflection as a means of creating and nurturing the lifelong love of knowledge and growth of people. In general, help people become critical and rational thinkers within the present moment.

Dr. Jeffrey Glogowski is a middle school music teacher and choral director of 17 years, currently teaching at Herget Middle School in the West Aurora School District. His foundational research about “Vipassana Meditation and Teacher Decision-making” has set the stage and work that encourages teachers and students to explore life through the use of mindfulness, awareness of thoughts, and self-reflection as a means of nurturing the spirit while learning music. He enjoys using music as a vehicle to help others find their full potential and self worth.

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